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Corn-Pone Opinions

1. In his text Corn-Pone Opinions, Mark Twain’s main purpose is to convince the reader that it is human nature to conform to what is popular in society. According to Twain, “It is our nature to conform.” He goes on to explain that this trait is not something developed over time; it is ingrained in our brains the moment we set foot on Earth, and cannot be ignored. Even a ridiculous clothing style, he says, will gradually become accepted and even popular in culture, and then will suddenly disappear. The reason we conform, even if it means trying to be someone we are not, is to gain the approval of others.

9. At the end of his text, Twain capitalized two ideas: “Public Opinion” and “Voice of God.” He does this in order to catch the reader’s attention and focus it on the great importance he believes is held by public opinion, or as some people call it, the voice of god. Capitalizing these phrases makes them seem much more important and critical to his argument, and it shows that some people consider public opinion to be so important that it overshadows everything else in their lives as the “Voice of God.”


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  1. You did a good job in saying what was happening in the essay in your response to number one. I agree that Mark Twain is saying that conformity is not developed over time, but I wouldn’t go as far as saying that his purpose is to convince the reader of this, because it seemed more like he was informing. I like your last sentence in your response to number nine because I also thought that some people in society think so highly of public opinion that to them it is similar to the “Voice of God.” Some good support would have been his reference to the skirts, where he talks about it making its way through the levels of society’s acceptability. Good job.

    Comment by dominick141 | April 7, 2009 | Reply

  2. As always, your work is exceptional, Bobster. Your response to question was very insightful, and cohesively incorporated quotes and ideas from Twain’s argument into your own text. As far as your second question goes, you picked up on the capitalization of “public opinion” and the “voice of god,” and successfully explained the implications of these phrases and why Twain used them in “Corn-Pone Opinions.” I agree with your statements, and I think you did a thoroughly good job writing them. Nice job Bob.

    Comment by donniem | April 8, 2009 | Reply

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